Bournemouth Model Railway Guide Book
I do not know what year this book was purchased but trolley buses began to be phased out in Bournemouth from 1963 and stopped altogether in 1969. I suspect that it was purchased in the mid to late 1950's as I remember Bournemouth being full of trolley buses (see the Directions page in guide book).
The pages have been scanned in at a low resolution. The printing quality of the book is perfectly adequate and for its time of good quality, it looks good and is perfectly readable even after all these years, but to scan at a higher resolution brings out the individual dots that make up the picture (pixels we say now). I would draw your attention to the number of multiple tracks observable in many of the pictures. All of them were used, none were just sidings ' for show' I make it eight tracks in one of the pictures. I definitely remember wondering how trains always seemed to be using a different track. I think the whole layout was automatically controlled by a bank of relays, but at that time this was as far as my technical knowledge went. It is a great shame that there was no track diagram in the guide book. I doubt that one was ever published or exhibited in any form. If however, anyone reading this should have a copy of the diagram please get in touch so that it may be added to this site. A little further research has uncovered an exchange of messages in Google Groups dated 08/08/2001 which sheds some light on the demise of the model railway, see the post by David Parkins about halfway down. Click here to visit the exchange. To my surprise a search on You Tube brought forth a black and white film of the railway. Very little information regarding the film, no date and contained in Huntley Film Archive on YouTube

guide front cover