drainage work

Turning to the last photograph in this small collection, it shows the work in hand to solve a damp problem in the north end of the south wall of the church (top right hand corner as you face the altar). The church is cut into the hillside and to its right the ground rises (its the mountain side really) with the vicarage up above. Naturally a great deal of water drains through the ground down to the church causing the dampness in the walls. It was decided to dig out the ground between the church and the vicarage garden boundary and improve the drainage. The removal of so much earth was a large undertaking and would cost too much to have had the work done by contractors. Volunteers therefore dug and removed the soil, the people in the photograph being only part of the several volunteers who came along when there was an evening spare to help with the work. When putting the names on the photograph my poor eyesight brings no recollection of names for the two men on the extreme left. Then comes Ron Farr, Cliff Henry is holding the drainage pipe, the Vicar has his hand on the shovel and little boy on the extreme right of the picture standing by his Dad, is yours truly, and I would put this as between 1947 and 1949.

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